Thursday, July 20, 2017

Summer Break: Week 4

1.) We are loving having time together as a family!  These two smiling boys are having a great summer! Every morning Zander asks: "what are we doing today?"  I think the bar has been set pretty high that we have something fun to look forward to each day.  (Note:  Outings also keep mommy from going crazy!)
2.) My best friend and college roommate, Sam, came to visit with Pete and their two kids!  I met Sam 16 years ago as we were moving into OUR freshman college dorm room.  It is so exciting that God brought us together all those years ago and we are still able to get together now with our husbands and kids!  Her youngest, Penelope, and my oldest are both four years old right now (Penelope is about 6 months older than Z).  So it is always fun to see them play together!  I included a comparison shot from when the two of them were together two summers ago... I can't believe how times flies by!

 Above (2017), Below (2015)

 3.)  Every day this week we have been attending the "Maker Fun Factory" at our church Vacation Bible School.  Zander is having a blast every morning and I have truly enjoyed teaching elementary kids each day!  Maddox goes to the nursery while we are in VBS and they come for the songs at the opening and closing ceremony.  It is so fun to watch Maddox dance to the music with his friends!

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Summer Break: Week 3

We are halfway through my summer break with the boys.  I think we have had a lot of great adventures already but I am already getting sad about the summer coming to a close so quickly!  So I am going to attempt to not think about when I start back to work and try to enjoy the moments we have together until then!
Here is our week in review...

Our biggest event of the week was our road trip to Virginia to see my cousin, Kristin, and also attend the military funeral for my Great Uncle Bill.  It was approximately a 5 hour drive on Sunday and about the same time in the car coming back on Tuesday.  We fit a lot into 48 hours...... which made Maddox not a "happy camper" or "happy traveler" should I say!  He is at the age where he doesn't really like television or movies yet so it is hard to keep him entertained in the car for long periods of time.  When we got back yesterday and were running errands, you would think I was trying to torture him to hear the disappointment he expressed by his screams! haha

Here are some pictures from our trip.  We were minus one passenger because Zander wanted to ride with Grammy and Grandpa so you will see we have an empty car seat in the picture of Zack and I!  It was so special to have two generations of cousins together and with 4 out of 5 of them being boys and ranging from age 1 to 6.... there was never a dull moment!  We enjoyed playing at the Petersen's house and explored a local battlefield from the Civil War in Manassas.

My uncle's funeral was at the Arlington National Cemetery and since he was buried with full military honors, we were able to see an incredible ceremony.  They had a horse-drawn caisson, full regiment and military band.  Family members walked behind the casket as it was being taken through the cemetery to its final resting place.  The 21 gun salute and all of the other pomp and circumstance to celebrate the life of an amazing Patriot was humbling to watch.  It made me even prouder to be an American to see how we honor the ones who so bravely fight for the freedom our country has.  We were also able to check out the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier and the Eternal Flame at JFK's memorial.  It was a very special day. 

Other notable things from our week.... Zander sometimes doesn't nap..... and sometimes he wears himself out trying to fight a nap that he ends up crashing on the floor near his bed!  I thought this was hilarious!
The boys are loving watering our flowers... they sometimes get themselves "watered" more than the flowers but it is still a fun time for all!
 Sometimes we play peek-a-boo to distract Maddox from remembering he is in his car seat (especially during our long trip).... this just happens to be when I was filling up with gas one day! ;)

We went to the pool today and hope to go again tomorrow to finish out week #3 of our break!  The boys are loving the pool and are starting to get a little more comfortable in the water.

Friday, July 7, 2017

Summer Break: Week 2

1.)  We fit in a couple pool days.... Zander loves his new googles... giving him an added confidence to get in the water and swim around.  One day he tried to go "swimming" without his puddle jumper on which freaked mommy out.... I was so thankful that my friend, Sarah, was nearby to scoop him up out of the water!  These boys require constant supervision near water... I am excited that daddy will be going with us to the pool tomorrow!

 2.) We checked out our new Lowes' grocery store.... I felt like it was an experience and I even joked that Zack and I could go there for a date and be entertained for hours.  The boys loved driving around in the cart!

 3.)  We went to one of Zander's friends' birthday parties...Lynlee is from Zander's "school" and I work with her mom.  Although, I didn't get a picture with the birthday girl.  We did capture a photo of the two boys there.  This is Lynlee's older brother, Cayden.
 4.)  We have fit in some cuddle time this week.  Maddox has shown interest in a television for the first time in his life.  We don't often have the TV on when he is awake.... but mommy needed a few minutes of "quiet-time".... a.k.a I was desperate so I had to capture the rare moment where both boys were sitting still!
 5.)  We celebrated the 4th of July at our church.  We grilled out and enjoyed inflatables.  We even took a picture with our youngest while Zander was bouncing since Maddox rarely has time with his parents by himself. ;)

 6.) We celebrated Independence Day at our house on the 4th.  I was sick most of the day (still have no idea what it was!) so we entertained family and friends at our house and went to bed before the fireworks this year.  I did get a family photo to mark the holiday.  Zander has already made it clear that we will see fireworks next year!
 7.) I loaded up the boys for a trip "back home".  We got to see one of my very best friends, Ashley!! She has THREE boys so we had a day of fun wrangling FIVE boys!  We played inside for awhile, grabbed some lunch and then went swimming! It was so good spending time together and oh, how things have changed since we lived together in college! haha
 8.)  We also got to see Grannie, GranDan, Granny V and PawPaw on our trip.  The boys love spending time with their grandparents whether it is watering flowers (or rocks) or playing bumper pool in the game room!! They are always entertained!

Maddox was worn out from our adventures and slept for about an hour on the drive back!  He has started to get somewhat fussy on road trips and I know this is just a phase but it gets me nervous about future traveling plans we have lined up!
 9.)  I have not had much alone time this summer.  Zander isn't napping too much these days and it seems that I can't even go pee without the boys wanting to spend time together.  They are usually climbing on the stool while I am quickly trying to take care of business!
 I love how Maddox's glasses are upside down in this picture.... too funny!
 10.)  We had another weekly trip to the science center with the cousins.  I'm sure we turn some heads when people see Mom and me moving these three kiddos from one exhibit to another.  It was another successful trip!

I just had to include this sweet picture of Emmy from the 4th.  She is wearing the bathing suit I got her and she is looking so grown up.  I love it when my sister sends me pictures of my niece!!
I also now receive pictures of my nephew, Henry..... which I absolutely love!! This might be my new favorite!  He is getting so big and is so alert.  He is wearing one of the boys' sleepers and it is so fun to see him in the boys' clothes!  Getting pictures of my niece and nephew are definitely one of the best parts of the week! :)