Saturday, September 23, 2017

We are all tired!

A few years ago (four to be exact) I had my first baby and I was going back to work.  It was my first week back at work and I was struggling..... struggling because I missed my sweet three month old that I had spent every minute with since he came home from the hospital and struggling because this newborn wasn't sleeping through the night but I was still having to get up to go to work.  It meant getting up at 4:30 a.m. to pump and nurse, to get dressed, to eat breakfast, to fit in my quiet time and spend a few minutes with my boy before going to my other full time job--as a curriculum coordinator.  On my way to work one day, I was venting to my sister about how tired I was... listing all the reasons I was tired and basically having a pity party.  My sister made the comment "Megan, we are all tired"..... and at that moment I felt that not all people felt as tired as I did but I now realize that my sister was SO RIGHT!  Linds has a way of helping me snap out of my pity parties (like the one above) and I appreciate her knowing when to listen and when to chime in.  What I have noticed in the last four years is that regardless of whether my kid (s) sleeps through the night or not, are perfect angels at "school" or not, work goes exactly as I expected it to or not, I am working full time or I am staying at home full time (in the summers)...... we are all tired!  I think that is part of life.  So whoever is reading this and whatever "stage" of life you are going through.... I get that we are all tired...... some of us are tired from working full time and rushing home to feed kids dinner, do baths and spend a little family time together before bedtime.... some of us are tired from wrangling kids all day and not having a moment to ourselves....some of us are tired because we have worked 30 + years and while we are "retired", we can't do things as fast or as easily as we used to..... some of us are tired because we play the role of grandparents who have to help support our kids/grandkids during life's "busy-ness".... some of us are tired because we are a single parent having to provide for our family and do the job of both parents...... there are many different scenarios I haven't even listed but what I realize now at the wise 'ole age of 34... is that we are all tired!  And we will continue to be tired as long as we are on this earth. I like referring to John 15:19 when I think about the weariness we sometimes feel while we are is a great reminder that God did not intend for us to have earth be our final home..... how much sweeter heaven will be one day!  Until then, I am going to soak up the precious moments with my family of four, enjoy the time with extended family and friends, savor the conversations with co-workers, notice the moments I help children that are not my own succeed at something while at school and try my hardest to fit a few minutes of rest or sleep in between the tiredness.  Thanks Linds for the reminder.... we are all tired! ;)

John 15:19....."If you belonged to the world, it would love you as its own.  As it is, you do not belong to the world, but I have chosen YOU out of the world.  That is why the world hates you."

And now for some pictures from my tired, busy but wonderful week!......

The boys had picture day last Friday.... I think Zander was ready for his picture but Maddox was not! I was told by his teacher that he refused to smile.... which I am noticing at home has been harder to get a picture of my sweet Mad Man!

Linds and I knocked out ten miles last Saturday in preparation for a half-marathon we have coming up in three weeks.  We will be running 8 miles (hopefully) this morning! ;)  I love getting a work out in.... at least once a week... and it feels great to catch up with my sister and talk about all things full time working mama, etc.
 Captured a picture of my youngest stationary for a moment... he had climbed in the toy box for a bit!
Daddy took the boys grocery shopping while Linds and I ran..... I loved getting these pictures of them riding around in the cart and apparently the boys demanded they wear hats to look like daddy! ;) haha

 Maddox was a little fussy/under the weather last weekend (which probably adds to everyone's "tiredness")..... he fell asleep in my arms while we were out to eat for Grandpa Buzz and Great-Grandma Nancy's birthdays.  Maddox rarely sits still for long these days so I enjoyed the extra cuddles!
Zander helps me take out the trash and recycle containers every week... as a treat, he helps me park the car in the garage.... so thankful we still have 12 years until he is officially behind the wheel by himself!
Yesterday, we got to visit the birthday girl.... she gave the boys her birthday balloons which were a huge hit!

 Last night, I took Zander to see a high school football game at Uncle Boomer's school.... we were able to meet up with the Kennedys for dinner beforehand and Grammy went with us while Grandpa is away on his annual golf trip!  Zander loved it and I can't wait to go to more games in the future!  Zack stayed home with Maddox since Maddox probably wouldn't have had the attention span to stay seated and enjoy the game.... maybe next year all of the Houstons can go!

Sunday, September 10, 2017

First Day, 5K and a Family Reunion!

Last Tuesday was Maddox's first day at his new preschool!  It is impossible to capture a picture of my sweet (almost) 2 year old.... so these pictures will have to do!  He loves having pockets in his shorts, pants or jackets these days so I thought it was only fitting to try to capture him walking around with his hands in his pockets.... you can also see Maddox has mixed emotions about starting at the preschool (or maybe he has mixed emotions about Mommy trying to document this occasion with pictures!)

 Our school was recognized this week for Exceeding Expected Growth and we received an A rating from our district.  The news crews came by for our superintendent to have a press conference to announce the school grades were being released.  It was so much fun to have so many familiar faces represented at our school.
Grammy and Grandpa went with Zander and Maddox to breakfast at their preschool on Friday morning for a Grandparents' Breakfast.  It started at 7:00 and it was so nice to have them take the boys to school so I could head straight to work!  I think they had fun spending time with the boys since they don't see them as often now that Maddox is at school too!

Daddy and our friends (Sarah and Josh) ran a 5K on Saturday to raise money for our orphan ministry at church.  The boys and I cheered for them at the finish.  Zander wants to run a race in the future so he practiced running with daddy after the race was over.... maybe I will have a new training partner?!:) We were able to hang out with the Williams family Saturday evening as well.  We grilled out at their house and watched the kids play for hours!

 We were able to soak up some sunshine.... the weather has been absolutely beautiful!  The boys love playing at any of our local parks... it was so nice to spend time with our little family of four!

 Today we headed to a family reunion for Zack's side of the family.  The boys were already worn out before the trip even got started!  (The first picture was taken within the first 30 minutes of our drive.)  The reunion was very special.  Some of the people there we hadn't seen since we added Maddox to our family.  Also, the cousins were able to meet for the first time and I think Zander and Maddox are both already in love with Henry.  We got a few good pictures of all three boys with Grannie and I got to snuggle my nephew for a little bit as well!! :)

Sunday, September 3, 2017

Enjoying the Long Weekend!

First of all, we came home Friday with a week full of smiley faces and good reports from preschool.  I am one happy mama and I have one happy big boy!  I am praying that the last few weeks were just an adjustment period and we have our sweet, kind big boy back!  We were both truly excited to see all the stickers he earned this week and all the smiley faces on his weekly report.  He also didn't have any accidents so that was an improvement as well!  Please continue to pray for both boys as Maddox starts at the same preschool on Tuesday, and I am sure we will have some kinks to work out as we figure out the "new normal" once again!
 Zack had all three days off for our long weekend so we have tried to enjoy some family time and knock out a few things on the to-do list. As I am typing this, Zack has been working on mowing the grass, weed eating, and fixing a flower bed in the front of our house that needed some attention while I took the boys for a walk around the neighborhood, fed them dinner and gave them baths.... its definitely a team effort to get anything accomplished with two little boys!  Tomorrow, he plans to work on our six vegetable beds, adding flowers to some and kale to a few others.
Yesterday, we went to the science center for the morning.  The weather was unseasonable cold and rainy so we opted for the indoor options that the science center has to offer.  We had a blast playing in the kids' play area, touching some animals and the boys went into the Antarctic Blast to experience a cold wind!  There were smiles all around all day!

Most of my family is out of town for the three day weekend.  I took Maddox to church this morning since Zander has been fighting some sort of cold, he stayed home with daddy.  I got to get my cuddles in with my second favorite little girl, Laurel!  It definitely made me miss Emmy and I can't wait to cuddle her soon!

And who doesn't love a picture of two cute boys in the bath tub?!  We are excited we have one more day together as a family and Zander has already gotten his adventure vest out (with map and binoculars) so we can hopefully go exploring at a local park or hike somewhere nearby.... stay tuned!
Update:  We went to a local park that has hiking trails so Zander got his "adventure".   He was practicing exploring on the drive there....