Saturday, March 18, 2017

Sweet Boys

I just want to say.... I have the sweetest boys!  Some times our days are very busy and difficult (with three year old meltdowns, frustrations from a one year old that can't communicate what he wants at this point, and two full time working parents) but there are moments where I just sit back and think about how truly blessed I am with the FOUR boys in my life (Burke and Zack count too)!  So this post is just full of pictures of my boys!  First, our two youngest boys sported Marvel Comic bow ties for church on Sunday.  (We might need to get daddy one!)  While we were in Sunday School, I started getting pictures texted to me from a co-worker of Zander apparently on stage at children's church having a blast!

I think Zander has decided on a soccer themed birthday party after many options he has thrown out there.... including roller skates!  He has started soccer at school in the last two weeks, and he loves it when he can make a goal!  He is a lefty and has a pretty accurate and powerful kick!  We will see what the future holds for our little soccer star.  (As a side note, this mama has not a clue about most of the rules of soccer.... I was raised watching football so there might be a slight learning curve!)
I attended a field trip on Monday with our fifth graders..... I was able to zip line for the first time and had a blast!! We also had a pretty strenuous hike so I got my exercise that day for sure!

Zander had a fever (100.9) and threw up on Wednesday night/Thursday morning so we were able to have another sick day together.  I kept Maddox at home too!  We had some rough moments when both boys were fussy for different reasons but we tried to soak up our time together!

I just had to include this picture of Z..... he always finds the best time to poop is when mommy should be walking out the door for work! Gotta love it!
 Burke kept me company last night since Daddy was out of town visiting friends.  Zack has to work all weekend so we're trying to make the most of our time at home or out and about!
The kids were entertained for about an hour it seemed rolling cars (or anything with wheels) off the top of the slide.  It was so sweet seeing the boys playing together!
Finally, daddy's birthday is next week so we worked on his birthday card before naps today!  I just love these boys so much!

Saturday, March 11, 2017

Busy Week!

Zack and I have entered a time of the year where things are really busy at both of our jobs.  It seems that every day we are checking with each other to see who has the kids and if we will all be together for dinner, bath times and bedtimes.   I had two evening events for work last week.... the boys went with us for one of them (skate night) and the other one I opted for Zack putting the boys to bed while I managed the parents and students at our school as they rotated between sessions for math night.  It seems that since we are so busy, we are trying to enjoy any moment we have together as a family of four!  Here are some pictures from our week... from playing at the house, to bath time, a trip to the science center and visiting with family from out of town!  As far as milestones go.... Maddox is now saying "bye bye" and it is the cutest thing ever!  He usually waves while saying it and sometimes will wave with his palm out and sometimes with his palm in as if to say "bye bye" to himself!  Zander didn't really start talking until he was two and I feel that Maddox might be the same way.  Now it is hard for Zander to stop talking!  I can't believe I ever worried about it! haha  Maddox tries to do everything his brother does.... he is getting good at climbing up the two steps of our slide and going down the slide.... either the conventional route or a "creative way".... just depending on how "graceful" he was getting to the top of the slide!  He also loves "climbing" up the stairs in our house... as long as mommy or daddy is close by, of course!!

Daddy is explaining to Zander how the funnel works for his penny to go around and around.... this is probably Zander's FAVORITE part of the science center!  Mommy just has to remember to bring some change!

 The octopus was very active today!  Usually it is hiding in one of the corners!  Zack took the opportunity to have Zander count its 8 tentacles!

Zander's second favorite thing is the penny machine where we can smash a penny and get a design from the science center!  (Again it is helpful to bring some extra change!)
Earlier today we met up with my dad's cousin and her daughter!  I have the best memories with them as a child and it was so great seeing them!  We realized we haven't seen Karen and Kayce in 10 years!  A lot has happened since then!  We tried to get a few pictures of the next generation.... some kids (Emerson in particular) were easier to photograph than others (my boys!) haha

Sunday, March 5, 2017

Sick Days

The Houstons have all been a little under the weather lately... Maddox started everything off with a double ear infection last week.  Then, Zander woke up in the middle of the night Wednesday (into Thursday morning) throwing up everywhere!  I tried to do a thorough cleaning while I was home with him on Thursday but I honestly had no idea a kid his size (that eats such a little bit in general) could make such a big mess!  I think the lack of sleep from all of us had taken its toll on the parents... and by Friday, Zack and I weren't feeling 100%.  I had a sore throat, headache and overall tiredness.  Zack has been dealing with some of the stomach issues that Zander had.  Needless to say, the leisurely weekend I had looked forward to for a couple weeks now turned into the Houstons trying to recover from whatever has hit our house.  We have taken naps both days when the boys napped (which is pretty unheard of). We have put any household projects on hold and have truly tried to get back to feeling 100%.  Although sickness is not fun, it has given us a chance to cuddle a little more and slow down our typical fast-paced weeks.  

Before the sickness was in full swing at our house, we were able to enjoy the warmer temperatures last weekend (and bring back out the bubble maker from our Disney trip a year ago!)  We went for an ice cream treat (where Maddox was able to have a small amount of the frozen stuff... still not sure the extent of his milk/egg allergies).  And my boys were introduced to the dollhouse that my grandpa built for my sister and me when we were little.  It was so fun to see their excitement about something that meant so much to me all those years ago.  My parents have been fixing up the outside of the house and it looks incredible!

I did want to mention that 2 years ago today, I found out that I was going to have baby #2.  August 13th and March 5th always stand out to me because those two days are when I took a pregnancy test that showed a positive reading, meaning our family would be forever changed by two precious boys (regardless of whether they are healthy or sick!!)

Saturday, February 25, 2017

Jumping Fun and Exploring the Park!

Last Sunday we attended a friend's 2nd birthday party.  We had a blast jumping and bouncing... the party was for kids young and old!  Both of our boys had a blast and their parents had a pretty awesome time as well!  ;)

Zack finally held his niece for the first time!  Admittedly, Zack is not a "newborn dad" or apparently a "newborn uncle" either!  We have been asking him to hold sweet Emmy for awhile and he finally caved!  I don't think he knows what to do with a girl but he will start to warm up to the idea as she gets older! :)
 On Friday after work, I took both boys to the park to enjoy the almost 80 degree weather in February!  I have decided that it is incredibly hard to watch both my boys at their current ages.... both wanted to explore in opposite directions and there were many people at the park that day.  After mommy struggled for awhile to keep track of both boys who seemed to always be on opposite sides of the playground... we opted to "explore" the park and look at the streams, bridges and rocks along the path.  I think the boys had just as much fun doing this and it was a lot less stressful and more manageable on their mommy!

Finally, I had to include this for future documentation (or as bribery when my son is older!).  We were grocery shopping last night and Zander ran right up to the type of tampons I typically buy and said "Mommy, you need to get these for you for when you run out!" He always loves helping me shop and putting items in the cart.... I just about burst out laughing when Z did this.... I tried to convey my appreciation to him for helping me look out for my personal needs! haha