Sunday, June 18, 2017

Happy Father's Day!

Today I am reminded just how lucky I am to have some incredible men in my life that are great role models of how a parent and a grandparent should treat their children.  I am thankful for their commitment to their families and for modeling the type of love that they want their children and grandchildren to pass along to others.  Without further ado..... here are some of the guys that have been there for me and for my sons!
My daddy.... of course he has spent 34 years (as of Saturday!) trying his very best to show me love in many different aspects of my life... providing for our family while my mom stayed at home with us, getting my first set of golf clubs, being there when I needed a freshman year prom dress, driving me to school my freshman and sophomore year, giving me my first car, setting rules about how to use this car so I would stay safe, moving me into college, walking me down the aisle, driving in the middle of the night so he would be in the waiting room when he became a grandpa for the first time, taking us on many trips (and continuing that tradition with the grand-kids) and sending encouraging text messages every morning.... we are lucky to have him and it is so fun to see him with my sons!

My Grandpa Bobby.....from our banter back and forth and for him teaching me to drive (before I even had my learner's permit) around our neighborhood.....I am so lucky to get to see him every week!
 My Grandpa Bill..... for making the drive every year to see your great-grand-kids (and your granddaughters!) and for teasing me like only a grandpa can!
PawPaw..... for always entertaining us when we come to visit (with pool tables and maracas) and for ensuring we have the BIGGEST Christmas tree to look at every year!
 GranDan.... for always having a lap to sit on and a song to sing when a baby is crying!
Uncle Boomer.... for loving our boys like they are your own and showing my sister what an incredible team you can be in this crazy thing called "parenting"!  Thank you for loving your girls so deeply and making them such a huge priority when I know you have so many things on your plate!
Uncle Jay... for making my boys feel so loved from throwing them up in the air to helping put together their newest toy at birthday and Christmas functions.  We can't wait for Baby Stanwood to arrive.... we already know you will be an amazing dad!  Your nieces and nephews love you so much!
And finally to my "baby daddy" ;)  We are so lucky to have you in our lives... you provide a balance to our family dynamic that is so desperately needed and probably ensures our children won't need therapy one day!  You are calm when I panic.  You are patient when I am quick-tempered.  You are flexible when I am rigid.  You make a mess when I am being "OCD".  You are funny when I am serious.  You make all of this so worth it!  I love to see how excited our boys get when you come home from work or when you pick them up as they raise their hands in the air for you.  Here are some of your first pictures as a daddy or when you became a daddy of two!  Also, I included some of my favorites from the last couple months..... thanks for being such a great daddy to our boys.... you are showing them the type of father they could be one day!

 The boys' Father's Day presents from "school"....

And a couple pictures from today..... including Zack changing a dirty diaper as we were on our way out the door to church!  A daddy's work is never done. ;) 

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